yeah, that sounds cool! hey, if you have a record player i could just bring it over and we could try to get izzy to sing? or i could even bring my own. either way, that should be a thing that happens.

what kinds of things has she learned to say so far?

some arcade fire and a few others. oh! that’s cool! what’s your parrot like??

a heart eyes emoji directed at you too. not a whole lot, really? listening to some records i got today and dicking around on majora’s mask, and not a whole lot else. what about you? how’ve you been?



why are mangoes called mangoes where is the man going 

fuck whoever designed the battle with the huge ugly fish in that one dungeons in majora’s mask. just… fuck them.

my mom (rose) may be the only one that likes my posts ever, but that’s okay. i love you, mom. thanks for believing in me.



why are people so obsessed with “top or bottom” 

honestly im just excited to have a bunk bed

strums guitar. here i am again on my own.

3,593 plays


Passion Pit - Where We Belong